Friday, September 28, 2012


yaay cheap magazines
Anyone want one? Once a year my school has a fundraiser, and this is it. We're a bit below our goal, so if you wanted to help..? They're pretty cheap, and they support basically everything in our school (dances, sports, buses, band, orchestra, etc.)
Please and thank you <3
(if you're a teen girl, I really recommend Seventeen! I love this magazine, and two years is only $18!)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Non-Existent Boyfriends

Here we go! Post #2, and it's one in the morning!
Let's see.
Lately, my friends have been posting about their book crushes. But they seem to always pick the bad boys in novels, the ones that I really hate. Sorry everyone, it's just that...they're such jerks. 
So, based off these wonderful blogs ( and, this is the list of my crushes that exist merely in words.
  • Peeta Mellark (Catching Fire)
    • No, not Peeta from The Hunger Games, and not Peeta from Mockingjay, but the Peeta from Catching Fire. The Peeta who didn't get hijacked yet, but is still stronger than the Peeta in the first games. Wouldn't it be sweet if your boyfriend would risk his life for you like that? It's nice when he would always have complete faith in you.
  • Simon Lewis (City of Bones)
    • Oh, Simon is such a nerd in this book. He's cute. And, more importantly, he didn't die yet. Maybe this is too influenced, since I'm right at his rising-from-the-dead scene in The City of Ashes. Needless to say, it's slightly gory. 
  • Leo Valdez (The Lost Hero)
    • Leo! He's so funny, in a cute way. Apparently it's to hide the pain though. It's so sad that everyone has their own dark background; but, I have to admit, it makes an amazing story.
Hey, I might as well do movies/tv shows, too.
  • Lewis McCartney (H2O: Just Add Water)
    • I feel childish adding this. Is this too childish? I think so. But, whatever. I had a major character crush on him when I first found out about this series. Lewis kind of reminds me of Simon, except he's...less perverted. Hey, it is Nickelodeon. You can't expect too much from them. Anyway, Lewis is all nerdy and cute and naive, and I can't believe he actually wasted his time with Charlotte, and here I am going off on a fan-girl rant. Plus, Lewis has an Australian accent. You can't refuse that. This is becoming too long now. Moving on.
...Where I'm moving on to, I don't know. I guess I only have four, for now. Wow, that's depressing. I really need to read more. I'll keep on updating this, but this is my current list. You can probably tell that I have a thing for the nerdy, witty boys. Heheh.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Demigod Love Triangles and Wild Predictions

Oh, Rick Riordan just loves his love triangles.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians (PJO) and The Heroes of Olympus (THO) are one (I'm considering the two as one) of my favorite series. Why? Because I love Greek mythology, dramatic plots, and love triangles.
Now, I know some of you may completely disagree with me on this. You might be like, what, ew, those are just distractions from the real plot. They might be. But I don't care. They're entertaining and it makes a good story.
Here's a sort of brief look at all of the love triangles. From my disfigured perspective.

Love Triangle #1: Annabeth, Percy, and Luke

This one was real, right? Or was it just in my head?
Because Annabeth always had this small crush on Luke ever since they ran away together (not THAT type of running away). But then she met Percy, and she kind of forgot about him. And then Luke revealed his evil self, but Annabeth still had small feelings for him. This one was slightly awkward, because of Luke's age difference.

Love Triangle #2: Percy, Annabeth, and Rachel

I KNOW this one is real. Heck, Rachel kissed him in the beginning of The Last Olympian, when he was still trying to figure out his feelings for Annabeth. If she didn't become the Oracle...Percy would've had a problem there. 
As cool as Rachel is, Percy and Annabeth make a much better couple. Even though I don't really like Annabeth sometimes.

Love Triangle #3: Jason, Piper, and Reyna

Okay. This one was extremely unfair. I mean, the guy lost his memories! Maybe he didn't like Reyna as much as Percy liked Annabeth, but he should have known he was in a relationship before he went off to lead on Piper. Thanks, Hera. No, really. It made a good story.
Frankly, after reading The Son of Neptune, I'm not even sure how he got along with Reyna, much less like her. Did they even go out? I don't remember the details.
Either way, I think we're all guessing that Jason and Piper will end up together. As for Reyna...well, I'll come back to that later.

Love Triangle #4: Hazel, Frank, and Leo/Sammy

I got rather confused on this one. Are Leo and Sammy the same person? If that was true, he would've known something, right? They might not be. He could just be a relative of Sammy (although I would get really disappointed if that was true). But then, he might. Who knows, with Riordan, anything's possible.
Still, I'm assuming Frank and Leo are NOT going to get along well. AT ALL. 
First, you have Hazel showing an interest in Leo. And if he turns out to be Sammy, well, I'm going to feel really sorry for her. (Frank will suspect Leo of trying to take his girlfriend)
Second, Leo has fire powers. Frank could die from fire. (Frank will be cautious of Leo's fire) 
I don't understand this whole block of wood thing, but I'm making a wild prediction that the block WILL burn, but once the whole thing turns to ashes, Frank WON'T die. I have no idea where I got that from.

Here's my imagination on a sugar rush: Frank will try to stay away from Leo. But meanwhile, Hazel will go and hang out with Leo. BUT WHAT IF HAZEL STARTS CHEATING ON FRANK? Riordan wouldn't do that, right?
Ooh, and I have Frank's death scene planned out: Leo will accidentally pick up one of Hazel's cursed jewels. He would get cursed. His fire powers would burn down the room they were in. Frank's wood would (haha) catch on fire. Frank dies. Or if my prediction was correct, Frank wouldn't die.

I'm just confusing all of you now.

Is there anything else? I thought of two more really weird ones: Leo, Hazel, and Thalia (he had a small crush on Thalia, but it wasn't anything that important) and Reyna, Jason, and Leo (O_o).
Because Reyna has to end up with someone, right?

This is my problem. There are 8 characters, and all of them have some sort of connection to each other.
We have: 








Does Rick Riordan seriously plan on pairing all of them up?
The seven half-bloods (in my mind) will probably be the above, excluding Reyna.
Annabeth and Percy is the only obvious couple. Now we have Piper, Jason, Leo, Reyna, Hazel, and Frank that have love drama. All the fanfictions are pairing up Piper and Jason, Hazel and Frank, and LEO AND REYNA. 
My response? NO. Just, no. That would be so awkward.
Maybe...just could go like this:
Hazel & Leo
Jason & Reyna
...Frank & Piper?

EWH. WHAT AM I THINKING? That's even more awkward.
Maybe Leo & Reyna really would be the only way to go. But then there'd be yet another love triangle.

Non-existent Love Triangle #5: Leo, Reyna, and Piper

Oh, joy. 


Hey everyone! It's me, Julci, the fanfiction writer who's obsessed with crossover love shapes. Yeah. It's more of a bad habit.

Anyway, for those of you who don't know me, here's a crash course:
1) I'm Asian.
2) I'm a girl.
3) I love romance, dystopian, fantasy, and suspense novels. Preferably not all together.
4) I write fanfiction! That's...kind of...not so good. But, the stories aren't that bad, even if I have this bad habit of creating new ones when I've only written the first chapter of the others.
5) That was a really long sentence.

...So that's basically it. My life isn't that interesting. Just hope that I'll continue to actually UPDATE this blog, rather than ditch it like I normally do.

This blog will be about music, movies, and books. Mostly books though. I think. I hope.

May the odds be ever in your favor! (;